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Tweed is an unfinished, rough woollen fabric which is closely woven together by traditional methods. The name Tweed comes from the Scottish Gaelic meaning ”THE BIG CLOTH” Tweed can be either made plain or with a pattern depending on the style required. Tweed was traditionally used for the upper class country clothing fashion for example shooting Jackets and Waistcoats.Tweed


It has grown rapidly over the last decade and today clothing designers have changed their ways of looking at tweed for winter use and have begun to develop a more modern concept of where tweed can be used.



Modern tailoring and new materials has enabled the tweed jacket or suit to change and shift over to become a material to be worn all year round no matter the weather. With tweed changing with our modern world the fabric has become a little lighter and softer to wear.



Here at Eddie Murphy Menswear we have embraced the Tweed styles and  introduced a wide selection of Tweed outfits from such brand names of Magee, Benetti and Lloyd Attree & Smith to name a few. Tweed is an old time vintage classic and is a talking point on the catwalks today.


We look at tweed as being a new style and identify the growing fashion as being that ”old in new”. However tweed can be a costly purchase but don’t let that put you off as anyone who has every bought a tweed suit or waistcoat to date has not regretted purchasing the garment for it will never go out of style.

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